Maydean Ltd has a portfolio of work that we are truly proud of. On all our engineering projects we listen very closely to our clients, offering our advice in return to deliver a result all sides are pleased with. See in our gallery below how customers like you have used the mechanical engineers from Maydean Ltd for their electrical surveys and more to get their systems safely up and running.

Boiler Room

Park Gate, Brighton

Maydean Ltd were involved with the design of a new boiler room layout, removing old un-economical gas boilers and pipework etc. Fitting 2 x 250kw Remeha gas eco-plus condensing boilers. Maydean Ltd also installed the new pipe work, pumps, valves, control wiring etc, making use of some of the original good valve, as required by our client.


Duration: 12 weeks

Aggregate Industries:

Leachate Treatment Plant, Isle of Wight

This was an upgrade of the instruments, pumps and control room, Maydean Ltd was responsible for cabling and terminating all electrical equipment and installing containment.


Duration: 2 weeks

Bidvest 3663


Maydean Ltd were contracted in to run hundreds of meters of CAT 6 cabling for control of the gates and barriers around the site, making use of darwpits and ducting.


Duration: 2 weeks

Boiler Room

Larcom Street, London

Maydean Ltd designed a new, more efficient boiler room set up for our client.
This involved removing 4 old 200kw gas boilers, flues etc., dismantling 2 x 250kw BROAG REMEHA eco-plus boilers, and low loss header, making the heating system much more eco-friendly.


Duration: 3 months

Berkley Square, London

Maydean Ltd was asked by our client to over hall and re commission a 70kva Generator on the roof of a prestige site in London. This included a full clean down of debris, all new radiator and engine hoses etc.
Full oil and coolant change, new water pump, battery etc. After all the hard work and 1 hour on the load bank, the machine was fully commissioned once again.


Duration: 3 days


Hatfield Leachate Treatment plant (ltd).

Maydean Ltd were involved in the fit out of a brand-new plant for CEMEX. This included all containment, cabling, wiring of pumps, controls, instruments etc. and also assisting the testing and commissioning of the entire plant.


Duration: 3 months


Leachate Treatment plant

Maydean Ltd were involved in the replacing of two 30 kw SEEPEX wobble pumps.
This involved the lifting, removal and fitting of the new pumps. On the same site, we also were asked to make some modifications to a bell valve inside a large tank.


Duration: 2 days

County Mall


Maydean Ltd supplied and fitted a new 50kw motor for air handling plant on the roof.


Duration: 1 day

Greentrees Hall, Balcombe

Maydean Ltd were asked by our client to carry out all of the m&e of this new build, 12,000 sq. ft. home. We were faced with the job of laying 10,000 meters of underfloor wet heating pipe + manifolds, all the wiring, plumbing etc.
For this particular job Maydean Ltd built in-house a custom made heating header fitted in the boiler room, heated by 1 pellet and 1 log boiler with a 3000 litre thermal store.


Duration: 8 months

Little Oaks, Wineham

Maydean Ltd was asked to size and install a 200mtr sub main for a new house.
This was run in 2 x single core 150mm awa cables, giving the client a 100a single phase supply.


Duration: 1 day

Southern Cement, Shoreham Docks

Maydean Ltd are heavily involved and relied on by our clients to provide a fast and responsive solutions to their problems.
In this case, this includes the fast turnaround of a major overhaul of the cement loading augers and loading head of the plant, keeping the client going with minimal downtime.


Duration: 2 days

Viridor Waste

Canterbury Leachate treatment plant (ltd)

Maydean Ltd were involved in the full re-fit of the plant. We decommissioned the old existing equipment, and dismantled the old steel access gantry’s to make way for the new concrete bund and floor.
We assembled on site the new steel gantrys and ran all containment and cabling. We also terminated control panels, pumps, instruments etc.


Duration: 3 months

Viridor Waste


Maydean Ltd were given the task of pulling in a 700-meter run of cable to supply a new waste cell. We also were involved in the installation of instruments, pumps, control panels etc.


Duration: 2 weeks

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